Samsung Kies 3.2.16084.2

Free Samsung app used to sync Android-based mobile devices to PCs using Windows 7

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Samsung Kies 3.2.16084.2
Samsung Kies 3.1.13103

Samsung Kies syncs and backs up data between Samsung and Windows devices. All users need is a USB cable and their device in order to get started. Upon connecting the devices, the program should automatically start. Syncing data across devices is quite useful and is something every user should consider doing. Since Kies is officially supported by Samsung, individual users can expect excellent results using the program. It's not a perfect solution, but there's a lot to get excited about here.

The Good and Bad of Kies In A Nutshell

The Kies program itself is lightweight and works as intended. After connecting the two devices, users can customize which data they want to sync. Data can be backed up from the Samsung smartphone or tablet as well. Only a few clicks and choices are necessary to have the devices automatically sync upon establishing a USB connection. Without a doubt, Samsung Kies is a convenient, simple option for Samsung users.

Firmware finder is another useful tool found within Samsung Kies. During each syncing event, the program checks for firmware updates. Available updates are displayed with a prompt to download them right away. Users can and should keep their devices updated with the latest firmware whenever possible to avoid security or performance issues. Kies makes this process more simple by automatically seeking out available updates.

Unfortunately, Samsung Kies does come with a handful of downsides users might want to consider. Users of the program will notice that various bugs and glitches may occur. SOmetimes the program doesn't start upon connecting a Samsung device and Windows PC. In this case, a user needs to try again in order to boot the program. Other issues include general bugs and sluggish performance with no particular explanation behind them.

One final issue with Kies involves DRM-protected content. Whether users own the content or not, Kies will not backup or sync such data. Any files with DRM protection will be left out of syncing, which can prove quite annoying. Many syncing programs will sync such protected content in one way or another after all. Therefore, heavy media consumers might want to look elsewhere for a better syncing tool.

The Verdict on Samsung Kies

For Samsung device users, Samsung Kies is a no-brainer for a download. The program runs well, for the most part, on both Samsung and Windows devices. Data backup and syncing is invaluable and shouldn't be overlooked today. In the end, Kies is mostly an automated solution that's designed specifically for a Samsung-Windows connection. Most users won't be disappointed after using this software for awhile.


  • Syncs data between a Samsung device and a Windows PC.
  • Backs up local data from the Samsung device as well.
  • Useful tool for finding the latest firmware for a device.


  • The program doesn't always run as smoothly as it should.
  • Data protected by DRM will not be synced or backed up.
  • Kies lacks advanced features found in similar programs.

Samsung Kies is the best software platform for connecting a Samsung smartphone to a PC or laptop. This connection is essential to allowing users to transfer files and pictures to and from their Samsung devices. Rather than using a third-party file management system, the proprietary Samsung Kies software allows for Samsung's technology to power file management for any Samsung phone. With this software, every smartphone user can do a lot to keep their phone functional and useful.


This software is designed to allow the user to transfer files to and from their phone. This is a good thing because the user can see all of their files on their PC when opening the program. The program also makes file management on the phone easy, which is easier to do on a computer screen than on a small phone. Finally, this software is matched to Samsung's technology. This means that the software is guaranteed to work with every Samsung phone.

The Cons

There are tons of products on the market that are useful for file management. Many of them are so ubiquitous that they can be transferred to other phones if the user changes brands. This software only allows for file management on a PC, while other programs allow for the user to do file management on the phone.

Weighing the pros and cons of using the software shows that a Samsung phone user can get a great deal of use out of Samsung Kies. However, the software is only good on Samsung phones, and no one is guaranteed to keep using one brand forever.

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